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Destinations: These are just a few of the many destinations highlights where Cultural Encounters offers customized and group travel planning services. Please call us for information on other destinations not mentioned on these pages
Countries: Dates: Highlights:
Austria   The hills (and cities) are alive with the exquisite Sound of Music from Mozart to Strauss. A tour of Austria is guaranteed to stimulate... >>Read More
Croatia   Carved from the former Yugoslavia, this delightful young country bordering on the Adriatic coastline will enchant you with Old World..... >>Read More
Czech Republic   A visit to Medieval Prague is like stepping back in time. Wander the picture-sque streets and alleys complete with churches, antique.... >>Read More
Cyprus   Divided into Greek and Turkish sections and strategically situated in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has an ancient.... >>Read More
Egypt and the Nile   Revered by the Romans for its architecture, astronomy, farming and trading
power, the evidence of Egyptian civilization continues to...... >>Read More
France   A country with a rich cultural history that includes a deep Roman presence, tours to France can be customized for a number of cultural..... >>Read More
Great Britain   Throughout the British Isles, from Hadrian's Wall all the way to the beaches in Brighton, the Romans left their influence on everything... >>Read More
Greece   The birthplace of Western Civilization, Greece is treasure trove of world-class museums and archaeological sites: the Acropolis.... >>Read More
Hungary   A tumultuous past including sixty years behind the Iron Curtain, Hungary is finally emerging as vibrant destination for art...... >>Read More


  The birthplace of Western religion, Israel is a country steeped in ancient history. Visit Greco-Roman archaeological sites >>Read More
Italy   Birthplace of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance (don't tell the French!)Italy could easily occupy a lifetime's worth of travel. >>Read More
Jordan   Amman, the capital of Jordan, features the Citadel and other archaeological sites and museums. However, the pièce de résistance >>Read More
Morocco   Considered part of the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco's sophisticated heritage influenced Western Civilization, especially as migration moved. >>Read More
Peru   Considered one of the top ten travel destinations in the world, it's hard to imagine what you cannot do in Peru. >>Read More
Portugal   Considered the triad in the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal, with its unique language, melds many cultures into its own special roux....>>Read More
Spain   With a deep cultural history, Spain blends the Old World and the Modern World in a rich colorful fusion. Southern cities like Seville....>>Read More
Tunisia   With the its well-educated population and enlightened view of women's rights, Tunisia is one of the most modern destinations in the Arab....>>Read More
Turkey   East meets West at the Bosphorous in Istanbul. One of Cultural Encounters' favorite destinations, Turkey offers travelers one spectacular....>>Read More