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Alhambra, Granada, Spain

With a deep cultural history, Spain blends the Old World and the Modern World in a rich colorful fusion. Southern cities like Seville and Granada retains many of the artisan influences of the Moors and Jews. To the West, one will find fine Roman remains in cities like Merida. North is the epicenter of Basque culture where the famous “running of the bulls” takes place in Pamplona and a beautiful Guggenheim museum has found a new home in the city of Balbao. The country’s interior features the cultural powerhouse capital Madrid with museums like the Prado featuring paintings by Velasquez and Goya; the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum; and the ultra-modern Museo Reina Sofia featuring Picasso’s famous 11 ft. by 25.6 ft. mural-size Guernica. Late at night, Madrid’s Old City wails with the sound of flamenco guitars. Just a short ride away is Toledo, known for its famous resident the painter Goya and for its infamous connection to the diabolical Spanish Inquisition. To the east is the Costa Brava and Barcelona, a city world famous for its food, Picasso museum, and unique Gaudi architecture.