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Tunis, Tunisia

With its well-educated population and enlightened view of women’s rights, Tunisia is one of the most modern destinations in the Arab World. The country boasts modern travel amenities including good hotels and great highways. The capital Tunis is home to the Bardo Museum, one the most outstanding collection of Roman mosaics in the world. Just outside of the city is the seaside archaeological site of Carthage. Travel to the UNESCO World Heritage site of El Djem, a restored Roman amphitheatre larger than the Colosseum in Rome. Enjoy the beautiful seaside city of Sousse with its museum of Roman mosaics and follow the roads inland to the evocative walled city of Kairouan. Leave enough time to visit the edge of the Grand Erg Oriental. Spend a day riding horseback or camel along the dunes, soaking in hot springs and enjoying a “midnight at the oasis” as you explore the Sahara.